CEO/CIO Summary

  • The Stats

    Up to 90% of corporations will be engaged in litigation at some point.
    Organizations larger than $1 billion are, on average, involved in 147 active lawsuits.
    The average cost for each e-discovery case is $1 million.
    Judges no longer tolerate the "pure heart, empty head" defense for e-discovery failures.
    Legal reviews cost anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 per gigabyte.
    An overwhelming majority of the data that is placed on review is ultimately screened-out as non-evidence before legal 'production'.
  • The Challenges

    You have very little to no control over what your staff write in emails and documents.
    While the collaboration features of Office 365 can drastically improve your organization's productivity, they inherently increase your legal liabilities.
    The information that you legally need to 'produce' is contained in documents and emails that are scattered across many different parts of Office 365, in many different formats.
    When a 'legal hold' is placed on your content, it's too late to mitigate liabilities or educate your staff.
  • Our Approach

    We have built a specific suite of products and an entire methodology, focused on improving your knowledge & control of the liabilities contained in your organization's content.
    Using cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP), our products identify the real-world terms, entities, concepts, keywords, pattern-matches, and personally-identifiable information (PII) in Office 365.
    You can then use specific features to prepare your content before e-discovery, thereby saving huge amounts of time & money, and reducing your legal liabilities.
  • What can you do?

    Engage with us for seminars, training courses, proof-of-concepts, and further insight into identifying your liabilities and minimizing your risks.

The Content Forensics Suite

Six Workloads for Pre E-Discovery

  • Pre-Discover™

    Identify and classify the terms used by your information workers when they create files in Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive for Business. Then analyze your enterprise content to determine liabilities and risks.

  • Pre-PII™

    Ensure you can protect personally-identifiable information (PII) in your enterprise content by finding it and then managing it in compliance with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

  • Pre-Notify™

    Set up term-based rules that monitor specific words your information workers add to files and items. When those critical or sensitive words are used, you can opt to receive real-time alerts by email and in the alerts dashboard.

  • Pre-Quarantine™

    Move files and items that match specific term-based rules to a holding area for further investigation. You can opt to retrospectively process existing files and items, and you can also enable real-time monitoring triggers.

  • Pre-Type™

    Define what your major document types look like by pointing to existing, real examples (such as Contracts, POs, Invoices, Resumes, Case Studies, Product Sheets, and so on). Then find and tag all similar documents.

  • Pre-Architect™

    Extract entities, concepts, and patterns from your enterprise content. Then create accurate & consistent taxonomies in your term store based on that data. Finally, tag documents with the metadata that they contain.


Methodology & Training for Pre E-Discovery

  • Consulting

    We guide you through the process of identifying, extracting, and analyzing the entities & entity instances, concepts, and patterns in your content. We then help you implement mitigation techniques that reduce your liabilities and minimize the risks in your enterprise content right now, and for the future.

    Our consultants specialize in understanding your risks and mitigating them with our products, specialist techniques, and content plans.

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  • Training

    Information Managers and SharePoint/Office 365 Administrators must understand the risks, liabilities, and value of your content for your investments in SharePoint to provide substantial ROI. We train your folks so that when our engagement is complete you have a self-managing environment.

    Our instructors are the architects of our products, and they ensure your staff understand all aspects of your issues and our technology.

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About Us

  • Who We Are

    Content Forensics is a privately owned company. Our software architects and consultants have all received Microsoft MVP awards for SharePoint and Office 365 multiple times, and have spoken at international conferences on behalf of Microsoft.
  • What We Do

    We help you understand what your enterprise content actually contains, and then help you minimize the risks associated with it. As well as preparing you for e-discovery, we also help you to ensure that your organization fully benefits from that content.

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